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80/20 Burgers & Fries

80% lean. 20% fat. 100% awesome. The identity we designed for 80/20 Burgers & Fries is definitely one of our all-time favorites!

visual identity design

The brand is brought to life through a retro color palette, a playful mascot, and minimalist classic typography. The mascot is the star of the identity; the character is an anthropomorphized cheerful hamburger, complete with a french fry top hat.

The color palette is simple; a classic retro red and white combo. The fine details take it to the next level; the candy stripe accent and selection of bespoke bold and whimsical stickers that can be overlaid over packaging, advertising, and more.

From menus to staff uniforms, every element of the brand identity makes you want more. In the end, it all comes together to form a playful, classic and very delicious brand.

let’s make something awesome together.