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Nokware Skincare

We love it when everything about a project just clicks! In redesigning the Nokware Skincare website, we made sure to capture the heart of the brand’s simplicity and modernity with a beautiful, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-use site that ticks all the boxes.

Website Design, E-Commerce Integration

The Nokware Skincare website was in dire need of a facelift, and we brought our A game.

The entire interface and user experience was redeveloped, to create a shopping experience that was easy, intuitive, and (most importantly)mobile-friendly.

Product pages were enhanced with easy-open tabs so that customers could access all the product details they needed without long, cluttered pages. It’s easy to see and leave reviews, product recommendations are easy to find, and the steps to add-to-cart are shorter than ever before, promoting easy conversion.

Beyond increased functionality, the aesthetics of the website were also improved. The new bespoke design allows for larger images, bolder text, and a more cohesive style. Unique design touches–circular product images, custom fonts, and more–bring out the brand’s character in interesting ways.

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