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Sankofa Surf Club

Sankofa surf club is a collaborative, community led project aimed at nurturing young talent in the surfing capital of Busua, Ghana. The club’s mission extends beyond surf training; it includes providing refreshments, nutritious meals, monthly excursions, and a scholarship fund to support young athletes in this rural community.

visual identity design

The identity is classic with a modern twist, marrying retro-inspired elements with bold, modern typography and colors. The bespoke mark is a monogram created by interlinking the surf club’s initials to create a unique mark that resembles the Sankofa adinkra symbol, reminding us to look back and learn from our past. The fusion of the letterforms to create a new shape represents the strong community bonds and connection at the heart of the club.

The color palette is vibrant and bold. Bright red adds spice and excitement, yellow represents the warmth and energy of the sun, and the dark teal green represents the adventure and mystery of the deep ocean water. The primary colors are a nod to the red, gold, and green of the Ghana flag, bringing Ghana pride to life!

Every part of the logo and identity was intentionally designed to embody what the Sankofa Surf club is all about – mixing Ghanaian heritage with the fun and excitement of surfing.

let’s make something awesome together.